Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blessings

As you all know Monday was my birthday and I have been thinking about all of my Blessings. So I thought I would list them.
1. Jared, my wonderful and supportive Husband
2. Kitrina, She is such a sweetheart and a big helper.
3. Ethan, I always Smile when he walks into the room if not before since I know its him because he shuffles his feet.
4. Collin, I love the way he Squeezes you around the neck.
5. The church and the knowledge that I can live with my Family Again.
6. My parents and thier willingness to put up with us while Jared was gone, and many other reasons.
7. Jared's parents are always supportive and their for us.
8. Since I live in washington it rains alot and today it didn't/hasn't yet. I always loved the smell after it rains but since it always rains up here I have forgotten the smell.
9. The freedom we have in the US because of what my husband does and the many other soilders.
10. The opportunity I have to teach primary, Because of this I have been reading the scriptures more.

These are only a few but the most important ones.

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