Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool New Hat

My Brother and New sister in law bought Collin a car fixing tool set for his birthday. It came with this cool hat, which is a little snug on his head. they wanted a picture but thought it was so cute i has to share with everyone else.

New Pictures

So this year we just got the Kids' pictures taken. Here is a preview of what they wore. The dress Kit is wearing she got from my mom for her birthday. I got the boys matching clothes that would also match kits dress. They did a great job and the pictures will go out soon. Some in Christmas cards some later since I have to wait for the disk to arrive and then have prints made.

Six Years Old

This first picture is her opening her Gift from her brothers, it was a baby Cinderella.
This next one if a horse she got from Jasmin, a friend from school.This next one is from the neighbor kids she plays with.

Kit was able to have her first friend party this year. The theme was Princess of course. We had brownies instead of cake. We played a few games and the kids had a great time. Just a little disappointed that only three kids showed up. But other than that it was a success.

Can't Sleep

Collin has a favorite blanket. My mom made the balnket to go with the nursery decor we made when Kit was born. I had to wash it and it wasn't dry by the time it was bedtime. We tried for about 20 minutes to get him to stop crying. i finally gave up and we sat and watched it go around and around in the dryer.