Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday's Past time

So yesterday was the first day without the TV and the boys did great. I built them a train track from the Thomas and Friends Take along set. It took up most of the front room but they had a great time. We then went out side and played all afternoon until it was time to come in an have dinner. What troopers the boys were.

Today was a different story. They couldn't play nice. I guess they got all that out yesterday.


We survived today with no TV. We might just do this everyday. It was nice outside today so we played outside. Now the question is what will happen when it is raining outside and have to stay inside? One day down more to go.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Moment of Silence

We all need to take a moment of silence and morn the loss of my one eyed babysitter. Tonight around 6:45 pm the TV decided it would shot off. So we got out the owners manual and looked up in the trouble shooting area what the problem might be. Jared found the problem and then looked at the solution and it was we new a new lamp. So tomorrow we will call the warranty place and see if it is covered, If not Jared said he might be able to replace the lamp, but if not we might just need to put the old one to rest and talk about getting a new one. Here is a picture of the Dead, as of now, TV.

We have had this TV since the fire of 2005. If you all don't know the story here is a quick run down of what happened. On Thanksgiving of 2005 we woke up to the smell of smoke around midnight. The back porch caught on fire and ruined the kitchen. We spent the next five months at my Mom and Dad's place. So this comef rom the money we made on not replacing some of the stuff that was ruined. And now it looks like this TV has given us all it has to offer.

Improving my sewing skills.

I few years ago I bought some material to make pillows for Kits room. I finally put them together and they turned out great. I might start making my own pillows(maybe). She loves them and that is all that counts. Thanks to my mom who helped me with the last step, from over the phone. Thanks Mom you are the best even far away.
The front pieces were bought as a kind of kit already on the material and shaped as a pillow form. All I had to do was cut a piece for the back and sew it together. Which when I actually did it took only like a day total to make from start to finish, it was just getting the courage to actually do it. If you didn't know I am a prefectionist as long as it doesn't take to much time and then I just want to get it done. Which makes you wonder how I can do Cross stitch but that is a different story for another day.

New Computer area Addition

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned I needed help with the desk area. I found this little shelf thing and thought it would work perfect, and it does. When I got it it was a cream coloor so I painted it black to match the desk and it worked wonders for keeping the little things under control.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Blessings

As you all know Monday was my birthday and I have been thinking about all of my Blessings. So I thought I would list them.
1. Jared, my wonderful and supportive Husband
2. Kitrina, She is such a sweetheart and a big helper.
3. Ethan, I always Smile when he walks into the room if not before since I know its him because he shuffles his feet.
4. Collin, I love the way he Squeezes you around the neck.
5. The church and the knowledge that I can live with my Family Again.
6. My parents and thier willingness to put up with us while Jared was gone, and many other reasons.
7. Jared's parents are always supportive and their for us.
8. Since I live in washington it rains alot and today it didn't/hasn't yet. I always loved the smell after it rains but since it always rains up here I have forgotten the smell.
9. The freedom we have in the US because of what my husband does and the many other soilders.
10. The opportunity I have to teach primary, Because of this I have been reading the scriptures more.

These are only a few but the most important ones.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Birthday boy (yesterday)

Here is a slide show of the Birthday party.

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Another Screen will pop up to show you the slide. ( I couldn't remember the name of the one's my sister-in-laws use, if one wants to remind that would be great.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ethan Christopher Savage

Tomorrow Ethan will turn four. I will add another picture then. I wanted to post some pictures of him at past birthday times.

Not sure of the Exact date of this one but I do know that it was taken last year when my parents came to visit which was right around the first of April. So he was Three.

This next one he was two

This one was taken at Wal-mart when he turned 1 .

The day he was born. These next ones are just of him, not in any order.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Again, This time with Everyone

So the otter day they all had to have their favorite toy/Stuff animal and do ring around the rosie's. Hope you enjoy it, I certainly did.

Ring Around the Rosies

Ethan grab Ted and did ring around the rosies so I made him do it again so i could get it on tape. You can tell his speech is really improving.

Easter Morning

These are just a few picture from this morning. Collin started to feel Sick yesterday so he is the one laying his head on the couch with his basket. Kit was the eager one and found most of the eggs. And Ethan was just Ethan and went with the flow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Collins phrase/questions

Everynight when I put collin down for the night or even a nap I ask him two basic questions. Who loves Him? and Who loves Mom? for a while I had to make him say that he loved me now he says with out promt but them he starts asking me Who loves...? So I would say I do and then ask him if he loved..., and lately he has been asnwering with the answer everybody. So Everybody loves Him, and everybody loves mom and then he moves on to Opa, Oma, Grandpa and Grandmommie. And so just you so you all know...


I have this desk area that needs a make over. I can't stand the mess, and I need some ideas. Jared puts some of his stuff here that he uses daily for work and needs some help keeping it under control. As you look at the desk to the left is a wall that we have hung two white shelves and then you have the desk. the next thing we have and have to keep is a filing cabinet which holds the printer. I need the filing cabinet but not sure if there is something else out there that work better. next to the filling cabinet I have a corner self that holds a few things. it is kind of small so a bookcase won't work unless it is skinny and not to tall since there is also a shelf above the corner shelf and the filing cabinet. Any ideas Anyone?