Monday, April 19, 2010

A Moment of Silence

We all need to take a moment of silence and morn the loss of my one eyed babysitter. Tonight around 6:45 pm the TV decided it would shot off. So we got out the owners manual and looked up in the trouble shooting area what the problem might be. Jared found the problem and then looked at the solution and it was we new a new lamp. So tomorrow we will call the warranty place and see if it is covered, If not Jared said he might be able to replace the lamp, but if not we might just need to put the old one to rest and talk about getting a new one. Here is a picture of the Dead, as of now, TV.

We have had this TV since the fire of 2005. If you all don't know the story here is a quick run down of what happened. On Thanksgiving of 2005 we woke up to the smell of smoke around midnight. The back porch caught on fire and ruined the kitchen. We spent the next five months at my Mom and Dad's place. So this comef rom the money we made on not replacing some of the stuff that was ruined. And now it looks like this TV has given us all it has to offer.

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