Monday, September 15, 2008

1st Horse Ride

On Monday after the wedding luncheon My dad took the kids over the petting zoo and they got to ride on the horses that they had there. Ethan looks so comfortable on the horse. If you look closely you can see he had a bandana around his neck, it is a tourqize color.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

One Year Old

Collin turned One on Sunday September 7th. We had most of My family here in town so they wanted to have a party for him. So he will have two one year old parties since he will have one when his Daddy comes home from being in Korea for a year. He opened all of his presents, only because his Aunt Lauren was smart and put two presents in bags with paper showing so he wanted the paper so he took them out and thats when he found his gifts. Not that he got to paly with them since his brother and sister wanted to have a turn. His favorite present is the Doggy he gets to pull around the house with him (It came from Uncle Bob and Aunt Lauren)

What a Bite!!

Ethan is liked by the mosquitoes. On friday September 6th he got bitten on the back of the ear twice. It grew to twice it's size. I tried everything to get it to go down but what really worked was some Benadrly he took when he went to sleep.

What a Cute Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

My Brother got married Monday September 8th. Kit was a flower girl and Ethan was the ring bearer. Ethan walked down the aisle during the Practice run but when it came time to do the real thing he wouldn't so I had to walk with him, and since Collin wouldn't sit with my sister Lauren he also got to walk down the aisle.

See how cute they were.