Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Curtain Ties

So Last week or so I bought new curtains to go in the front room. They are to help keep out the heat and the cold. The old ones were a lite green color, the news ones are burgundy. I made curtain ties for them so I could tie them together to let in the sun light when it is not to warm or cold out. I am very pleased in how they turned out. So here is my creative brain came up with.This is a far away view of our front window.

A Close up of the best looking one.

All Three of them together. The bow is attached to a piece of ribbon that has buttons on the back that snap together so you don't have to tie them. So what do you think?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inpromtu Party

Kit has been talking about having a Princess Party. so One night I tiold her she could as long as she made the invites so she did. I wrote on them and she drew a picture they were so cute. She then delivered them to her friends. I think she invited like 8 gilrs but only four were able to come and they had a great time. They drew pictures and then amde tira's and in Ethan;s case a crown. Here are the pictures.
We had the Party while Collin slept, when he woke up he also had to have a crown so here he is.
This is Becky, she lives across the street with Kendra.
Ethan and his Crown. I made it square so it wouldn't look like a Tiara.
This Is Kendra she lives across the Street.
This is either Samantha or mara I get her and her sister(below) mixed up and Kit has to correct me all the time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bestest Buds

Here is the story behind this picture and how Priceless it is. If you can't see it mickey's head is right under collin you can bearly see one of his ears. Collin received a baby Mickey Mouse From his Aunt Katee for his First Christmas. It wasn't until we moved in here and he was noticing that Kit carries around her Pooh Bear and Ethan carries around his TED (a teddy bear from IKEA) that he had to have something to carry around with him. So I pulled out mickey. He now carries it around with him everywhere and if we say he has to leave it at home he gets really sad but gives it a big hug and puts it on the couch and then gives it a big hug when we get home. The second miracle it that Collin was born on September 7th and Jared left for Korea October 1st just three weeks later. So one year later Jared comes home and they are instant buds. the night after Jared got home we had a going away party with the ward members, I visited with the party guests and Collin and jared hung out all night with each other and ever since they have been the bests of buds. He even gets sad when Jared has to leave for work and is the first one to welcome him home.