Monday, August 10, 2009

Inpromtu Party

Kit has been talking about having a Princess Party. so One night I tiold her she could as long as she made the invites so she did. I wrote on them and she drew a picture they were so cute. She then delivered them to her friends. I think she invited like 8 gilrs but only four were able to come and they had a great time. They drew pictures and then amde tira's and in Ethan;s case a crown. Here are the pictures.
We had the Party while Collin slept, when he woke up he also had to have a crown so here he is.
This is Becky, she lives across the street with Kendra.
Ethan and his Crown. I made it square so it wouldn't look like a Tiara.
This Is Kendra she lives across the Street.
This is either Samantha or mara I get her and her sister(below) mixed up and Kit has to correct me all the time.

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