Thursday, January 7, 2010

Missing Pictures

So this year we went to my parents for Christmas, on the sper of the moment and Jared took a video of christmas morning but my Dad took the picures and I forgot to get a copy before we left so we will have to wait for them to show up in the mail.

My Christmas surprise this year was Jared saying on Tuesday morning that he could still get the two weeks off for christmas break and we could go see my parents. So we went and surprised my parents by just showing up on the door step. We told my Brother so at least on person knew we were coming. and we had a great time. So we left the night of the 19th after about 15 hours of driving we showed up at my parents saturday afternoon. We stayed until the 29th and drove home. We then went out on the 31st and bought a brand new car. It is a 2010 Toyota Corrola S, the color is red. We did this because we wanted to get the Tax write off for the sales tax.