Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Visitors

On Tuesday we went to the Airport to pick up Grandmommie and Grandpa. they stayed for three days and then had to fly back to Arizona. on Thursday we took a bunch of pictures of everyone. here are just a few of what we took. Kit was being a stinker so we didn't get one of just the Girls or her with the grandparents.(I will apologize for the the layout of the pictures not sure how to work the picture part.)

Our Opps boy

We have a small board book that is called Blue Hat Green Hat. It is about a turkey that puts his clothes on wrong and then at the end he gets it right but then jumps into a swimming pool. Collin really loves this book and so one day he put his pants on wrong and was our Oops!! boy.

One of My Hobbies

One of my favorite things to do when I just sit on the couch and watch TV with the kids is to Cross stitch. Sometimes it can be very relaxing and other times not so. Well just before Kit was born over five years ago I told my Mother in law that I would do a cross stitch of a hummel figurine and I just finished it and sent it home with her this week. Here is how it turned out.

I also did one that my Aunt gave me back when her son was born over 16 years ago. It is of Teddy Bears with the alphabet, numbers and colors.

I have done alot more but these are a few of the ones I have done recently.