Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lounging around

When Jared is home during the day the kids love to lay with him and watch TV or just cuddle. here a few pictures of them doing just this.

Starting Early

We bougth a WII with the money Grandmommie gave us for Christmas. The kids really love to play it but not more that Collin loves to think he can play. You can tell by the grin on his Face

Ethan's 3

While my Parents were here for a week he got the opporunity to celebrate ethan's third birthday. So here are a few of the pictures.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Growing up

Collin has started to want to feed himself and won't take no for answer. There are very few things he wont feed to himself. The other day he ate Mac and cheese all by himself. and now he dose it all the time. We still feed him his ceral and yogurt, and anything else that will make a huge mess and will require a bath although he enjoys that also. When he take a bath he sticks his hand under the running water and fill a cup with water to bump on his head and he lays on his tummy and blows bubbles. My other kids would never dump water on their heads or blow bubbles, and Jared says that was becuase I wouldn't dump water on their heads when they were young which is true it takes two kids to have me realize that and change.


Ethan went to his first speech therapy today. He did great. He practiced blowing out his mouth instead of his nose. When he talks it sounds nasially, like he talkes through his nose. So we blew into wistles. the sounds we did today were ooo's and aaa's. This way he could hear the difference and he was a perfect student he did what was asked and even tried again and again to get it right. We go in tomorrow for another session. He has one very Tuesday with the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Speech Center and on Wednesday we go to the school that is right around the corner. And hopefully before long we can start to understand him better.