Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kitrina Mackenzie Savage

Kitrina Mackenzie Savage.
He said to tell you he got bored one day and was playing with the program. I think it is a wonderful way to pay tribute to Kitrina.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My First Attempt

I have made five skirts for Kit and two for me. My next project was to make something for my boys. Here is my first attempt at a pair of shorts. Ethan gets really hot at night so I made shorts for him to wear to stay just a little cooler. He was so willing to try them on. When I had him try them on so I could adjust the waist he wanted me to keep the "tail". Here he is sporting his new shorts. I have a red pair to make now, but that will have to wait until after Thursday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Skirts

Kitrina is starting 1st grade on Wednesday. She love to wear skirts, but I have had a hard time finding any that fit in the waist and are long enough. So I took matters into my own hand and made two. She was able to pick out the fabric and I whipped two out in one afternoon. I bought material to make four skirts. Two long and two short. Here are the two short ones.

I also bought enough of both of these materials to make matching ones for me. She was very excited and is eager to wear them to school.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 7th

Today we went to the Fish Hatchery and then to the falls. This first slide show is of the Fish Hatchery.

Tuesday July 6th

Tuesday we went to speech and took Oma. Then we packed up the Cars and headed down to Portland. We drove by Jared's first apartment building he stayed in when he served his mission. Then we went to the rose gardens and then to the highest point in Portland. Then continued on to a hotel for the night.
Kit of course was in heaven with all the roses and had fun getting her picture taken she is quite the poser when it comes to pictures. All these pictures are going to have to be put in a slide show so give me a while.

Monday July 5th

The kids got thier first experience in fishing. We didn't catch anything but we saw a racoon.

Here they are waiting patiently (lol) for Opa to get the polls set up.

Collin just chillin'

Ethan and his Fish bait.

Kit just waiting to Catch that First fish.

Here is a fuzzy picture of the Racoon escaping from his hiding place.

First day of Oma and Opa visit

My Parents came to visit the weekend and following week of July 4Th. The kids had so much fun. They arrived late Friday night and stayed until the following Saturday. So the 1st Saturday they were there I come downstairs to this wonderful seen. They were reading a book called "I Think I Can" that we got as part of the Santa Workshop the army did last Christmas.

And then this is just what we did that day around the house.
Kit and Opa put together a puzzle.

Oma and Ethan watched a Movie.

And then they all used my fancy scissors to cut up construction paper.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kit's Song

For "Field Day" at Kit's school her class sang a song called "Don't laugh at me". So the boys and I went and watched her. She did such a good job. The entire time Kit's mouth was moving. The entire time they were singing I hard chill's run up and down my body. This is a song that all little kids need to learn so that maybe there won't be any bullies left.

This is a song written by Mark Wills and here are the lyrics

I'm a little boy with glasses

The one they call the geek

A little girl who never smiles

'Cause I've got braces on my teeth

And I know how it feels

To cry myself to sleep

I'm that kid on every playground

Who's always chosen last

A single teenage mother

Tryin' to overcome my past

You don't have to be my friend

But is it too much to ask

Don't laugh at me

Don't call me names

Don't get your pleasure from my pain

In God's eyes we're all the same

Someday we'll all have perfect wings

Don't laugh at me

I'm the cripple on the corner

You've passed me on the street

And I wouldn't be out here beggin'

If I had enough to eat

And don't think I don't notice

That our eyes never meet

I lost my wife and little boy when

Someone cross that yellow line

The day we laid them in the ground

Is the day I lost my mind

And right now I'm down to holdin'

This little cardboard

Don't laugh at me

Don't call me names

Don't get your pleasure from my pain

In God's eyes we're all the same

Someday we'll all have perfect wings

Don't laugh at me

I'm fat, I'm thin, I'm short, I'm tall

I'm deaf, I'm blind, hey, aren't we all

Don't laugh at me

Don't call me names

Don't get your pleasure from my pain

In God's eyes we're all the same

Someday we'll all have perfect wings

Don't laugh at me

I had a a video of the song but couldn't get it to load.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So we have a set of Triplets in the house. Ethan has nicked named them, Just right, Fat and Skinny Ted. They each have their own sleeping bag, compliments of Grandmommie, he carries them around in. I found him the other day sitting on the floor with them all sitting on his lap watching TV. He is so cute with them. I bought these bears at Ikea for about three dollars. I originally bought one for each of the kids but only Ethan latched on so one day I just snatched up the other two for safe keeping. I was saving the other two for the day that the first one got to old and ragged to keep but he kept telling me he wanted two more for Christmas so one night I pulled them out and he has been attached ever since.

I was taking a picture of Ethan with his friends and Collin had to have his picture taken also.

Favorite Seat

The boys have a favorite seat when they watch TV with Daddy. They are so cute.

Don't mind the "no pants" on Collin we are still potty training.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Improving my Sewing Skills Once Again

I having been wacthing this blog called "Living with Punks" and she had some cool projects that she does. This is the first one I found that I just had to do. Here is the link if you want to see how it was made and make one yourself. She made this purse/bag from pillow covers.

I added a second set of pockets inside and then a pocket on the outside for my cell phone.

I just love this bag.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Student of the Month

Kitrina came home yesterday with the biggest news so far this year. She was so excited, her grin was from ear to ear. She received Student of the Month for April. I received this picture via text message from a PTA member, who is also in my ward, so excuse the fussyness.

She brought home this certificate and the purple pencil.

The letter she brought home says that each grade gets to nominate two students, based on the following attributes...

  • Academic effort--does her personal best
  • Respect--demonstrates respect for school, teachers, fellow students, and the community
  • Courtesy--is considerate, congenial and friendly
  • Responsibility--assumes and initiates tasks for the betterment of our school
  • Leadership--demonstrates positive leadership by example.

We are so proud of our little Girl and the example she sets for her fellow class mates and her younger brother

Congrats Kitrina keep up the good work.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An OPA look-a-like

(Ethan says he looks like Opa with no hair on top)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Toy (For Mom)

I have wanted a deep freezer for a while now and found one on for really cheep so we went and got it last night. Jared and I carried in the house and I filled it this morning. Well it's not really full yet but one of these day it might be. I have my pureed Strawberries and some homemade jam, frozen banana's for bread and popcicles. That was all I had in my freezer that is not used every often. maybe now I can make dinners ahead of time and freeze them and not fill like I have no room left for the everyday things I need like Chicken nuggets, for Collin, and hot dogs, for Dad.

First homemade Mothers Day gift

Kit brought home her first homemade gift for Mother's Day. She couldn't remember what type of plant she planted. If you have any idea what it might be let me know. (HINT HINT DAD)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New

A lady at Jared's work gave him a twin size bed frame. He brought it home and sanded in down and then repainted it. The top railing of the head and foot board are purple and the legs down are a blue color. It turned out great. Kitrina just loves her new bed. Her bedroom is starting to look like a big girls bedroom instead of a little girls room with the new Sleigh Bed.

Ethan riding his bike

Ethan has had a hard time learning to ride his bike and the other day he was doing it all by him self.

Growing up to fast

For Christmas Ethan got a 12'' Bike with training wheels. Collin put on the helmet and climed on it has looked so grown up.

May 5th

Wednesday May 5th started out early for us. Two kids joined us shortly after 6 am. Their mommy had gone to Flordia for a family wedding and thier day to work, and PT starts at 630am. The kids were great we watched TV until my own kids woke up, which was just before 630. Kit was eager to get ready for school so she could play with the two girls before she headed out for the day. We had an appointment at the school for Ethan. I got the kids dressed and made it to school on time. We had fun running on the grass in the middle of the school. About half way threw Natile needed a drink so we headed to the office were they had a drinking fountain. Natalie helped her self and then I help Collin and Charlotte. While I was helping Charlotte Collin snuck out the front door without me knowing and was missing for about 5 minutes. I am sure I was more terrified then he was. We came home after Ethan was done and just stayind inside since it was cold and damp outside. The kids had a lot of fun. While Collin and Charlotte took their nap Ethan and Natalie painted at the table. Over all the day was nice and they were excelent guests.

Here is Ethan Helping Charlotte make a tower she could then knock over.

Here Charlotte is riding Very big Thomas the Train.

Here is Natalie and Ethan Coloring at the table before Kit had to go to school. You can see her arms in the side of the picture.

Ethan's Spare Time

This is what ethan does in his spare time when he wants to be near me but I have things to do in the kitchen

These are four of the small magnadooldes. He figured out how to get the to hang from the oven door. What a silly boy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday's Past time

So yesterday was the first day without the TV and the boys did great. I built them a train track from the Thomas and Friends Take along set. It took up most of the front room but they had a great time. We then went out side and played all afternoon until it was time to come in an have dinner. What troopers the boys were.

Today was a different story. They couldn't play nice. I guess they got all that out yesterday.