Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Improving my Sewing Skills Once Again

I having been wacthing this blog called "Living with Punks" and she had some cool projects that she does. This is the first one I found that I just had to do. Here is the link if you want to see how it was made and make one yourself. She made this purse/bag from pillow covers.

I added a second set of pockets inside and then a pocket on the outside for my cell phone.

I just love this bag.


Susan said...

Great job! And you found the pillow from Target, I see!!! Don't you just love a good buy? I'm so glad someone else made the bag and that the instrcutions made sense. If you are on flickr, make sure to post on the group :)

Angela said...

That is cool. I think that I will try and make one for me.

The McLemore's said...

Cute cute! I need to get back into sewing! I can't wait for Ammon to start taking real naps so that I can have some free time! Nice job!!!