Friday, May 28, 2010

Student of the Month

Kitrina came home yesterday with the biggest news so far this year. She was so excited, her grin was from ear to ear. She received Student of the Month for April. I received this picture via text message from a PTA member, who is also in my ward, so excuse the fussyness.

She brought home this certificate and the purple pencil.

The letter she brought home says that each grade gets to nominate two students, based on the following attributes...

  • Academic effort--does her personal best
  • Respect--demonstrates respect for school, teachers, fellow students, and the community
  • Courtesy--is considerate, congenial and friendly
  • Responsibility--assumes and initiates tasks for the betterment of our school
  • Leadership--demonstrates positive leadership by example.

We are so proud of our little Girl and the example she sets for her fellow class mates and her younger brother

Congrats Kitrina keep up the good work.