Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here are some Video's of the house as it looks on a daily basis. you have to try and imagine it with out the Christmas decorations. Jared took a video of it but it wouldn't upload, it might be to big so here are some small videos of the place. The first one is of the small half bath that is just as you walk in the door. My mother purchased some berry decorations for my brothers wedding and I hung them over the window and on either side of the toilet, so that made the room's main color red. Hopefully I can down load more than one but if not they will be in this order.

The next one is of the big closet that is right as you walk in also. I have the geo trax train and my little people in their along with my other crafts I use on a regular basis or hope to.

Then you get the living area. It is an open floor plan. With hardwood floors and a tile entry. The kitchen has an island which we purchased barstools for which is where we eat just about every meal. since that is where the booster seats are. I enjoy having the area open becuase then I can be doing things and see what the kids are up to. The only bad thing is that it is very slippery, and the furniture will not stay in it's place.

The last one is of the Laundry room. It is very small but I enjoy my new washer and dryer. they are the best things. I can wait and do laundry every other week, and it is very quite. Jared says since they cost a bit of money, which I would never have spent, that I have to keep them forever even if they break down then I have to keep the pieces. He is a funny guy sometimes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It has been more than a month since I posted anything and we have had a lot of changes. We have moved to Washington state and are now stationed at Fort Lewis. Jared is working For the 62nd Medical unit in the computers department not sure of the exact company or unit but that is what I remember. He has a regular schedule he works from like 9-5. the kids Love to see him at Breakfast after Pt and at lunch time when he comes home. We are enjoying our home. It has three bedrooms and 2 and a half baths. the bottom floor has hardwood floor in the living room and dinning room. We have almost put all of the boxes away and have almost totally moved in. the Master bedroom is not totally put together since you can really do anything in there unless the kids are a sleep and the only time they are all asleep is at night. the kids really love their rooms and are having fun playing in them. We have are on backyard it is not fenced in and is really small, not even the swing set my parents had would fit since it slops in the center for drainage since it rains a lot. Kitrina has the biggest room upstiars since I couldn't figure out how to put two beds in her room since she has the biggest window and it covers almost the eniter wall. We have bought a few thigns for the house the kitchen has an island so we bought bar stools, a TV stand for Jareds Big TV, and night stands for our room.