Friday, March 23, 2012

Aug 2011-Neckar-Rhien River cruise

So we went an a river cruise on the Rhine-Neckar River. We went with ACS, Army Community service.  We rode on a train then walked the rest of the way to the river boat.  The boat ride was an hour and a half, and the kids loved it.  Then we walked around Neckarsteinach and hiked up to one of the "three sister" castles.  The kids had a blast exploring the out doors.

Aug 2011-Kits First day in 2nd Grade

Kitrina's First day of school. We live just around the corner from her school. She was so looking forward to this new year over here. They have four specials that they rotate between, Music, host nation, art and PE. They also attend Spanish twice a week. she is enjoying her Second grade. 

Aug 2011-First International Date

Jared and I went on our First date over here in Germany and had a wonderful time.  We had Dinner down the Haupestrasse (main street).  We ate and little restaurant and then walked the old bridge that looks up at the Heidelberg Castle.  We walked along the shopping center and did a little shopping. 

We have gone on a few more dates and just about every meal is served with fries.

August 2011- Luisen Park-Mannheim

Another Outing with the Relief Society- Luisen Park in Mannheim Germany.  They had a large open area in the  middle where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors.  We went on a little boat ride on the river they had and walked threw their little Zoo area.

July 2011-Heidelberg Zoo

Another Releif society Activty over the summer was to the Zoo.  The kids had a blast.  Here are just a few of the pictures.

June 2011

I figured I had better blog about what we have done since it has been almost a year since we arrived in Germany.  Here is the very first Castel ruins we explored.  We went with the Relief Society.  It was close to the top of a mountain.  It is called the Auerbacher Schloss. The kids had a blast climbing the stairs and possing with the dragon.