Friday, July 31, 2009

Accessive Heat

So I am sure you all know that the Northwest region has had accessive heat this past week so we have been living in 90 weather in the house with no AC downstairs, which will arrive on tuesday I hope.So we have been taking the morning to do Different things. Monday of Cource was Jared's Eye Surgery, then we went grocery shopping. Tuesday was Speech and then on to target. Wednesday morning we went to IKEA looking for dressers for Jared and I, since the 40 dollar ones we bought 8 years ago are falling apart. And we stayed home on thursday. Everyafternoon we fill the pool up with water and play outside to keep out of the hot house. Here are a few pictures I took of the kids playing. Sorry for the fuzzynes couldn't get my photo editing program to work.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eigth Years!!!

It has been eight years since Jared and I got married. Alot has changed. We have three kids Kit, Ethan and Collin, he's Joined the Army, we have lived in augusta, West Valley, my Parents basement and now we live on base in Fort lewis. Right Now Jared is Having Eye Surger done so he won't have to wear glasses again. Since we got married I finished my degree and now I stay home with my kids while he serves our country. I am so blessed with everything that I have. I am looking forward to another Eigth years and more.

Monday, July 13, 2009

No Longer a baby

As You know I have a little boy, he is 22 months old and is no longer sleeping in the crib or with a pacifier. Just this last week Collin tired to sleep in Ethan's bed so Jared set up the toddler bed and he has been sleeping in in ever since. The first night he still got his pacifier but then the next night we didn't give it to him and he went right to sleep. he still enjoys getting out of bed by himself. He also gets out of bed really early like around 6 am so then he lays with me until it's really time to get up around 7 am. But other than that he loves his new found freedom and big boy bed. I tried to find picture of the toddler bed but couldn't find it. it is the same one Ethan used when we were living at my parents house.