Sunday, December 21, 2008


As you all know it snowed this last week, well once again it is going to snow this next week. They have cancelled Church because there is a big snow Storm on it way and Washington does not own snow plows. I know this because there is still snow on the ground from the last snow storms we have received. And here I thought I was going to get away from the snow, so much for that.
I guess it is a good thing I got the kids Christmas shopping done since the roads are terrible. I didn't get Jared's but he understands and doesn't want me out in this mess anyway and he doesn't want to drive either. So once again we will be stuck in our house until it warms up and the snow melts from the roads.
The only good thing about Washington and snow is that everyone goes slow and takes thier time so there are very few accidents onthe road. We eventured out a few night ago and got stuck in traffice becuase it started to snow and everyone took thier time and was not in a hurry.
Hopefully this storm will not be as big as they say and it will warm up soon and we can go outside once more.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It has snowed on and off since Sunday afternoon. The kids wanted to play in the snow so bad we made them get all dressed for the winter. Kit had to wear pants, which was no easy to get her to wear. They had to put on thier Coats, hat, gloves or mittens and in kits Place her boots, the boys don't have boots yet. Here are some pictures of the kids playing in the snow.THe first night we played in the snow the kids were trying to throw snow balls, the snow wouldn't make snow balls so they would get a hand full and try and brush it off on my pant. I got a video of Ethan trying to do this to me it is so cute.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8 things of 8

8 Favorite TV Shows:
CSI Miami
Law and Order SUV
7th heaven
Army Wives
Starter wife
Disney channel for the kids

8 Favorite Movies:
Ever after
snow white
Sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 and 2
DEvil wears prada
The librarian with Nole Wyle
Disney movies (Good for kids to watch)
The Wedding date

8 Quirks About You:
I need to be organized
I pick my lips when I am board
Can't stand to have the kids make a mess with their food

8 Things I did Yesterday:
Went to church
Got dressed
made dinner
Changed diapers
went to bed
read a book
Watched TV
Did the dishes

8 Things I look Forward to:
My parents coming in April
Christmas with my husband
My husband working half days
The new year (maybe we will be together the entire year)
See my family again
visiting UTAH and Phoenix
Having all the boxes empty
having all the things hung in my house

8 Things on my Wish List:
A kitchen aid Mixer
Obedient kids
Turkey pan ( had to use a Foil one)
Serving platter ( For Turkey
Silicon pans
Clean house
A sister who doesn't spread lies

8 People I tag:
(don't know anyone else who will read this)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jared was trying to get a picture of her before we went off to church. But as you can see she was being a stinker. And then when he wouldn't give up she gave in and let him take pictures but only with funny faces. She does this every time we want to take one but if she wabts it taken she has no problem with it.
After church she let us take some in front of the tree she helped decorate. We broke down and bought a fake tree this year. Jared decided he didn't want the hassel of trying to find a tree every year and then this way if he is every away at christmas time again I won't have to go find something, we will already have it.