Friday, January 30, 2009

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Ethan went to see a speech therapist today and we found out why he doesn't pronounce things correctly. the speech therapist said that he has a hard time getting his tongue to do what it should. She is not sure if it is because his tongue muscles are to weak or if the brain signals are getting to his tongue. She wants us to go see a neurologist to find out if the nervous system is working correctly. She still wants us to go have a hearing test done so that will be at the end of February. so until we find out more this is what we know. You can see more about Apraxia at the website:

Here is an update, Ethan goes to see the neurologist on Monday February 9th and then the school speech therapist on March 26th. His hearing test is scheduled for February 29th.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Me

I am trying to be a better person.
I think I need to Blog more about what my family is doing
I know I love my husband more than when we got married 7 year agao
I want to have more time for things I like to do
I have a bad habit of picking my lips
I wish for a happy ever after
I hate being at home at night without my husband
I miss my family in salt lake
I fear my Husband will not come back from Irag if he goes in September
I feel like just vegging tonight even though I have lots to do
I hear my son calling me right now at 8:30 pm
I smell the flowers everytime I go to the store
I crave Chocolate when I am bored
I search for more ways to play with my kids when it is cold outside
I wonder if my kids will ever go to sleep tonight
I regret not being around hen Kit was a little baby
I love seeing Collin learn new things
I care about what others think of me
I always wish I looked better
I am not getting enough sleep
I believe in answers to prayers
I dance with collin to make him laugh
I sing so low you can't hear me
I don’t always have the house clean the way I want
I fight with my kids when its bed time
I write in my journal more often now
I lose track of time when I read
I win never my hasband always does
I never get to watch the news
I listen to the T.V most of the time
I can usually be found at home with my kids
I am scared that my Husband might have to go to Kores in September
I need a vacation and time just for me and Jared
I am happy about my Husband doesn't have to go to Korea yet
I tag all my sister-in-Laws since they are the only ones who read this and have blogs

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a coincidence

On January 1st we were coming home from Chuck E cheese and the kids didn't want to buckle up. So we told them that if they didn't Jared and I could get into trouble and the police could take us to jail. So as we were going through the entrance to the base we were chosen for a random vehicle check. and Kitrina thought that we had gotten in trouble and that we were going to jail. Which of course we weren't but she started to cry. So a few days Ago she came into my room in the morning and said she had had a bad dream and I asked what is was and she said she been put in jail. So what a strange coincidence.

Potty trained

Ethan is now offically a big boy, he has gone two days with out any accidents. We did errands yesterday and he wore underware and didn't have an accident, and then again at church no accidents. we are still wearing pull ups at night and for nap but so far they have been dry. With Kit I waited until she woke up at night and told me she had to go and that was when I new she was ready for no pull ups at night.