Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Me

I am trying to be a better person.
I think I need to Blog more about what my family is doing
I know I love my husband more than when we got married 7 year agao
I want to have more time for things I like to do
I have a bad habit of picking my lips
I wish for a happy ever after
I hate being at home at night without my husband
I miss my family in salt lake
I fear my Husband will not come back from Irag if he goes in September
I feel like just vegging tonight even though I have lots to do
I hear my son calling me right now at 8:30 pm
I smell the flowers everytime I go to the store
I crave Chocolate when I am bored
I search for more ways to play with my kids when it is cold outside
I wonder if my kids will ever go to sleep tonight
I regret not being around hen Kit was a little baby
I love seeing Collin learn new things
I care about what others think of me
I always wish I looked better
I am not getting enough sleep
I believe in answers to prayers
I dance with collin to make him laugh
I sing so low you can't hear me
I don’t always have the house clean the way I want
I fight with my kids when its bed time
I write in my journal more often now
I lose track of time when I read
I win never my hasband always does
I never get to watch the news
I listen to the T.V most of the time
I can usually be found at home with my kids
I am scared that my Husband might have to go to Kores in September
I need a vacation and time just for me and Jared
I am happy about my Husband doesn't have to go to Korea yet
I tag all my sister-in-Laws since they are the only ones who read this and have blogs

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Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

Good post!
I actually did this one way back in July--- check it out. :)