Monday, November 2, 2009

Disneyland and a Wedding

My Brother got Married in the LA temple and instead of just going down for the weekend we made a week out of it and went to Disneyland first. The kids had a lot of fun. We stayed a the Camelot just three hotels down from the entrance to were the trains come from the parking lot. Kit was so excited to see the princess (which I cant find the pictures to will have to ask Jared). One afternoon while the boys went back for a nap Kit meet Tink and Silvermist. she was always excited to go she had a hard time wainting which in turn made it so the boys didn't wait very nicely either. Then we went and stayed at the Paranage houseing at the Temple. and was able to see the hole family. We also got a new familt picture, still waiting to see how that turned out. This kids had a lot of fun with thire unlces and aunts and Oma and Opa. When Oma and Opa left Kit cried which made it even hard to see them go, she was only comforted when we told her we would see them again soon. It is just a few of the pictures we took. Hope you enjoy.
His Mickey ears.
Outside the LA Temple.

Giving loves to Oma at the luncheon.

All the Neices and nephews with the Bride and Groom

Kit and Tink.

Kit and Silver mist

The Family at "It's a small world"

The kids and Aladin

Kit and Minnie, the boys had already left.

His Mickey ears.

Early Birthday Present

Kitrina will be turning 6 this month and when we went to LA for Brandon's wedding and Disneyland Oma gave her her birthday present and she had to wear it on Sunday. She looked really cute. When we went to Disneyland there was a place that would do the little girls hair like Cinderella and she really wanted it done. i told her is costs to much and that I could do the same thing. so I did and she received a lot of compliments. The pearl necklace she is wear was given to me by my mom and thought it looked perfect. Here is our little princess.

Halloween 2009

This is our second year in Washington for Halloween. Last year we moved in the thursday the week before but our stuff didn't arrive unitl the wednesday before, So you would thing that this year we would decorate a little earlier but no I pulled all the Halloween stuff out the day of. I did manage to get the costumes the week. So here is what our kids picked out to wear.