Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 5th

Wednesday May 5th started out early for us. Two kids joined us shortly after 6 am. Their mommy had gone to Flordia for a family wedding and thier day to work, and PT starts at 630am. The kids were great we watched TV until my own kids woke up, which was just before 630. Kit was eager to get ready for school so she could play with the two girls before she headed out for the day. We had an appointment at the school for Ethan. I got the kids dressed and made it to school on time. We had fun running on the grass in the middle of the school. About half way threw Natile needed a drink so we headed to the office were they had a drinking fountain. Natalie helped her self and then I help Collin and Charlotte. While I was helping Charlotte Collin snuck out the front door without me knowing and was missing for about 5 minutes. I am sure I was more terrified then he was. We came home after Ethan was done and just stayind inside since it was cold and damp outside. The kids had a lot of fun. While Collin and Charlotte took their nap Ethan and Natalie painted at the table. Over all the day was nice and they were excelent guests.

Here is Ethan Helping Charlotte make a tower she could then knock over.

Here Charlotte is riding Very big Thomas the Train.

Here is Natalie and Ethan Coloring at the table before Kit had to go to school. You can see her arms in the side of the picture.

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