Friday, June 11, 2010


So we have a set of Triplets in the house. Ethan has nicked named them, Just right, Fat and Skinny Ted. They each have their own sleeping bag, compliments of Grandmommie, he carries them around in. I found him the other day sitting on the floor with them all sitting on his lap watching TV. He is so cute with them. I bought these bears at Ikea for about three dollars. I originally bought one for each of the kids but only Ethan latched on so one day I just snatched up the other two for safe keeping. I was saving the other two for the day that the first one got to old and ragged to keep but he kept telling me he wanted two more for Christmas so one night I pulled them out and he has been attached ever since.

I was taking a picture of Ethan with his friends and Collin had to have his picture taken also.

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