Monday, August 3, 2009

Bestest Buds

Here is the story behind this picture and how Priceless it is. If you can't see it mickey's head is right under collin you can bearly see one of his ears. Collin received a baby Mickey Mouse From his Aunt Katee for his First Christmas. It wasn't until we moved in here and he was noticing that Kit carries around her Pooh Bear and Ethan carries around his TED (a teddy bear from IKEA) that he had to have something to carry around with him. So I pulled out mickey. He now carries it around with him everywhere and if we say he has to leave it at home he gets really sad but gives it a big hug and puts it on the couch and then gives it a big hug when we get home. The second miracle it that Collin was born on September 7th and Jared left for Korea October 1st just three weeks later. So one year later Jared comes home and they are instant buds. the night after Jared got home we had a going away party with the ward members, I visited with the party guests and Collin and jared hung out all night with each other and ever since they have been the bests of buds. He even gets sad when Jared has to leave for work and is the first one to welcome him home.

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