Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have this desk area that needs a make over. I can't stand the mess, and I need some ideas. Jared puts some of his stuff here that he uses daily for work and needs some help keeping it under control. As you look at the desk to the left is a wall that we have hung two white shelves and then you have the desk. the next thing we have and have to keep is a filing cabinet which holds the printer. I need the filing cabinet but not sure if there is something else out there that work better. next to the filling cabinet I have a corner self that holds a few things. it is kind of small so a bookcase won't work unless it is skinny and not to tall since there is also a shelf above the corner shelf and the filing cabinet. Any ideas Anyone?

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The McLemore's said...

you should check out IKEA online. We got a corner desk from there and it's really big and holds files, Marks 2 monitories and laptop, the printer and tons of books. They have a ton of different options, but to me it looks like you just need a bigger desk with storage. Check it out!