Friday, June 10, 2011

Our house in Germany

I thougth I would give you a preview of our house.  It is four bedrooms and 1 3/4 baths.  There is no carpet anywhere and lots of closet space in the bedrooms but not the bathrooms are anywhere else.  Here are the pictures I took after they delivered our tempoary furniture.
 Living Room
 Master Bathroom (view from Toiliet)
 Master Bath (view from Door)
 Master Bedroom
 Main Bathroom
 Main Bathroom
 Kits Bedroom
 Boys Room
 Kitchen (see the little Washer and Dryer)
 Dinning Room
 Living room (furniture placed differently from first picture)
Master Bathroom Shower

Will post pictures after OUR stuff comes and then you can really see what it will look like.  Our stuff is not due to show up until the middle of July. Our first shipment showed up on June frist.  Our car showed up just before Memorial day weekend and wasn't due to show up until June 10th so here is to hoping our stuff comes earlier.  

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Heather (wife, mom) said...

Buy some rugs and hang some curtains and it will feel like home. Looks like a fun place to call home for a few years :)