Monday, June 13, 2011

The beginning

So the start of our trip was the movers coming to pack everything up.  They arrived on Monday April 18th.  THey picked up our first shippment of 1000 pounds.  It took all morning.  Then after they left we took the toyota to get shipped.  The real moving started on Thursday.  thye arrived early and at the end of the day they had loaded two crates and some fo the big stuff including our couch.  So that left the boys to sit on the crib mattress.  The kids were really well behaved.  Collin and i got really sicka nd ended up at the ER saturday night so he slept most of the time while the packers where there.  Even through all the tape noise they made when sealing the boxes. 
 Being occupied while Movers were there
Last day at Speech

So after the movers were done we had to wait until the cleaning ladies where done nad final inspection was scheduled for Monday.  Then started the  long drive to Salt lake.
So excited to finally be headed to Opa's
Dosen't she just look thrilled
He's mood somewhere in the middle

I have done these all backwards.  So just read them as you go an remember better later then never.

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