Sunday, June 5, 2011


So a lot has Changed in the last month and a half. The Army packed up all of your belongings and we moved across the Ocean. I say we moved over the Atlantic but you could also say the Pacific so I will leave that up to you. First we went to visit Family and "the happiest place on Earth". We spent about a week at my parents in Salt Lake, then drove down and went to Disneyland with Brandon and Julie, Then flew up to Seattle and then on to Germany.
The Kids had a hard time adjusting once we got to Germany. The first day we got here it was noon and we still had a bus ride to Base. So by the time we arrived it was dinner time and the kids were so concerned we didn't get Lunch they didn't understand the time change. For two nights they woke up at 2am and were awake for about 2 hours before falling back to sleep.
We arrived on Monday, May 9th and by Tuesday afternoon we had keys to our 4 bedroom 1 3/4 bath. The whole house is either tile, lineolum, or hardwood floor.   So just about everyother day I am having to clean the floor.  So we moved in and two and a half weeks later our first shipment arrived.  We were lucky enough to get our car On Thursday May 26th, two and a half weeks early.  So I guess that makes up for the first shipment being late. 

We have been to Church twice already and so far I am lovign the ward.  Everyone is very friendly and willing to help out.

The next postes will be about the individual events we took on our way here.  the Visit to Oma and Opa's, and our trip to disneyland.

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