Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ethan Update

Ethan saw the neurologist today and we didn't really find out anything new just more questions. He has a white spot on the left side of his head in the back which I found out was caused by nerve damage. Not sure what nerve was damaged, so he has to have a MRI on the 24Th at 8 am. He also had a genetics test today for his palate, the back of his mouth that lifts up when you talk, to see if its a genetic problem or if its lack of muscles. He also has to see the optometry to look behind his eyes for eye problems, because of his lack of coordination. He has a speech therapy appointment with the school district on March 26Th and then for private therapy on April 1st. So we have a lot going on and looking forward to getting some answers

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The McLemore's said...

Poor baby! I'm sure he'll be fine and we will be praying for him :)